Project Overlord’s most recent event, the One Life Event run on Saturday 1st October, was an amazing success. Everyone involved said they had a lot of fun and really enjoyed the altered dynamic of the server.

The One Life Event is a very simple concept: during a special two hour mission every player has just one in-game ‘life’. Once you’re shot down, crash or bail out, that’s it. There is no chance to respawn. In this scenario teamwork and flying defensively becomes critical!

The event was organised over the 4YA Discord (link at the bottom of this page) but now the first test has been a success we’ll publicise it properly on this website and in the PO calendar. We intend to run the event weekly from now on.

Below are the results for the second PO One Life Event. Congratulations to our winner Elmo

The score formula is: Time airborne in minutes x (1 + (0.5 x PvP kills) + (0.375 x AI kills) + (0.25 x Ground kills))

RankPlayerTime survivedTotal air killsPvP killsGround killsScore
1   "best defender"  Elmo125500359.375
2   "best hunter"                    B@ron125420343.75
3   "best allrounder"               SRF_Biggs125212296.875
4   "best attacker"SRF_NightOwl110114275
5   "best hunter"                    [AUSSIE]_t0min8t0r125220250
6                                         EAF51_Polansky125111218.75
6                                         SRF_Opi-Wayne125003218.75
9                                         amazing125110187.5
9                                         Butter 1-2 | Wyes125110187.5
10   "rammed by an admin"      332FG TheAmazingFire110110165
11Mobile Target90200157.5
12Kilo 1-397100133.375
13                                       Devil 1-9 SOMAN125000125
13                                       I/JG7_Killerfliege125000125
13                                       I/JG7_Momo125000125
13                                       I/JG7_Wasp125000125
13                                       -RCAF 402- Shadow125000125
13   "against the odds" Skyspin125000125
14Silly Brit83110124.5
15   "incredible save"      Cynic111000111
18332FG Brigg9900099
19|269| Smoke 1-19700097
21Carrot 1-1 | Simps.NL5000050
22362nd SlickDevel4900049
24|269| Tofu3200032
25Talent 1-13000030