Project Overlord’s most recent event, the One Life Event run on Saturday 26th November. The battle of Cherbourg was raging, with both teams trying to attack ground targets while defending against the numerous enemy fighters. The sky over Cherbourg was filled with intertwined contrails, witnesses of fierce dogfights. Players said they had a lot of fun and really enjoyed the altered dynamic of the server. Thanks to Chuck_Owl for the beautiful screenshots! Check out his after action report here: DCS WWII – 4YA 1-Life Event AAR – Screens & AARs – Mudspike Forums

The One Life Event is a very simple concept: during a special two hour mission every player has just one in-game ‘life’ and one ‘aircraft’. Once you’re shot down, bail out or ditch outside of an airfield that’s it. There is no chance to respawn. In this scenario teamwork and flying defensively becomes critical!

The event was organised over the 4YA Discord (link at the bottom of this page). We intend to run the event every other week from now on. You can find the next couple of dates on our calendar. 

Below are the results for the sixth PO One Life Event. Congratulations to our winner SRF_Bullfrog.

The score formula is: Time airborne in minutes x (1 + (0.5 x PvP kills) + (0.375 x AI kills) + (0.25 x Ground kills))

RankPlayerTime survivedPvP killsBomber killsGround killsScore
1   "best interceptor" SRF_Bullfrog110080440
2   "best ground attacker"         I/JG7_Orion110207412.5
3                                          SRF_NightOwl110113288.75
4   "sharpshooter"                   SRF_Biggs100203275
4   "best hunter"                     amazing110300275
5   "ending with a bang"Butter 1-2 | Wyes106104265
6                                          42sqd walshtimothy110120247.5
7                                          I/JG7 Erwin110004220
8                                           Jäger_LLØYÐ98030208.25
9   "best hunter"                      EAF51_Polansky75301206.25
9                                          Elmo110110206.25
1042sqd Slapbladder94200188
11                                         Trofimov81004162
12                                        Mobile Target110010151.25
13|269| Fod_UK96100144
15Viper 1-1 | Willy Pete66004132
16362nd Andre76100114
17                                        SRF_Gadreel110000110
17                                        SRF_Turbonix110000110
18                                        SRF_Knauf104000104
19  "against the odds"              Scooter64101000101
20[269] AJAX9400094
20                                         Marauder |101| Devil 1-29400094
22                                         Butter 1-1 | knk9100091
23Herring 1-1 | Ace_wolf9000090
24362nd SlickDevel8400084
25   "fearless intruder"Chuck_Owl6400180
26                                         wiley_fox7900079
28[BR_No.1]King Bozza4810072
29332FG Surf4610069
32332FG DawnSentinel4600046
33332FG Scarecrow3600145
34   "fearless intruder"Merlin4000040
35Python 1-1 | 8KIDD83700037
36Cpt Anesh3500035
37   "victim of an unfortunate collision"|269| Tofu3100031