Project Overlord’s most recent event, the One Life Event run on Saturday 10th December. This time asa double edition for European and American time zones. The Allies displayed good coordination and avoided to get dragged down early, and thus won this event in the last 10 min. Many exciting high altitude dogfights as well as a well coordinated airfield strike by the Axis were also observed. Players said they had a lot of fun and really enjoyed the altered dynamic of the server. 

The One Life Event is a very simple concept: during a special two hour mission every player has just one in-game ‘life’ and one ‘aircraft’. Once you’re shot down, bail out or ditch outside of an airfield that’s it. There is no chance to respawn. In this scenario teamwork and flying defensively becomes critical!

The event was organised over the 4YA Discord (link at the bottom of this page). We intend to run the event every other week from now on. You can find the next couple of dates on our calendar. 

Below are the results for the sixth PO One Life Event. Congratulations to our winner Jäger KOT.

The score formula is: Time airborne in minutes x (1 + (0.5 x PvP kills) + (0.375 x AI kills) + (0.25 x Ground kills))

RankPlayerTime (min)PvP KillsBomber KillsGround KillsNaval KillsScore
1   "best interceptor" Jäger ★ кот1161200261
2                                          362nd_Sockeye1232000246
3[4YA] [PO] SRF_NightOwl1182000236
4   "best hunter"amazing943000235
5                                          [ugly]Derby1231000184.5
5                                          362nd_Digger1231000184.5
6362nd Healer1221000183
6Butter 1-2 | Wyes1221000183
8Jäger ★ LLØYÐ901000135
9   "best ground attacker"MOG64♣Moggy880020132
11                                         SRF_Bullfrog1230000123
11                                         SRF_Erlkönig1230000123
11                                         SRF_Turbonix1230000123
11                                         WingNut 1-2 | Jabrone1230000123
11                                         332FG DawnSentinel1230000123
11                                         332FG Merlin1230000123
11                                         362nd Thorns1230000123
11                                         Chilli1230000123
12---- walshtimothy1110000111
15I/JG7 Erwin99000099
17WingNut 1-4 | C_robs92000092
18332FG Surf57100085.5
199th vFG | Raven72000072
23WingNut 1-1 | DeltaNarfy61000061
2542sqd Slapbladder57000057
2642sqd Kane55000055
27-332FG-Magic Zach54000054
29-332FG- ShadowHarbinger51000051
29362nd Shooter51000051
30NO STEP41000041
31332FG Scarecrow40000040
33362nd SlickDevel32000032
34|269| Tofu31000031
37   "happens to the best"SRF_Biggs400004