Your complete personal pilot statistics are now published here on

Kill categories include Player vs Player (PvP), AI aircraft, ground units, and naval units.

Loss categories include deaths and bailouts. You can also find your PvP kills-per-life ratio and an overall kills-per-life ratio.

You are now able to track your progress over time

Pilot lives are defined as 1 + deaths + 0.3*bailouts.

The overall kill score is calculated as a weighted sum across all categories with the formula: 1*PvP + 0.75*AI + 0.5*Ground + 4*Naval.

These formulae may be subject to changes along the way.

You can also check your weekly personal stats while playing DCS on 4YA by typing “$stats” into the in-game chat.

Our stats are collected by 4YA Lurcher‘s own Jester server admin tool.

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