The companion website to the 4YA Project Overlord WWII DCS Multiplayer Server

Project Overlord is the team behind 4YA WWII. What we do wouldn’t be possible without the support of our dedicated friends at 4YA Training Servers, who run one of the largest, friendliest and most fun DCS communities and arrays of servers.

We are a volunteer team using the DCS World combat flight simulator to recreate the air war over Normandy in June and July 1944.

DCS spans the whole range of combat aviation from WWII through to the Cold War and the modern day – and if it exists in-game, 4YA has a dedicated multiplayer server for it.

We use the DCS mission editor together with the rich historical detail available about the Normandy campaign to create a historically accurate simulation for the enjoyment of combat flight simulation gamers.

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“For anyone who plays combat flight sims and/or is interested in WW2 history then the Project Overlord server is for you. Fly as part of a team on brilliantly crafted missions that reflect that actual day in history and where team work and coordination is paramount for a decisive victory."
332FG Brigg
DCS WW2 Squadron Commander

The following numbers of players are currently playing on our server: 

Server Mission Players total Players Allies Players Axis
[4YA] PROJECT OVERLORD WW2/WWII EU 06._24_JUNE_1944_N2_v5.3.8 13 5 7