Mission update: Radio navigation beacons

Introducing three new radio navigation aids for Mosquito crews Navigation in the Project Overlord server for Mosquito crews has always been pretty easy. You’ve got a second crew member to share the workload with, and even if you’re flying solo you’ve always got the radio beacon at Ste Croix to home onto if you get […]

Second Tactical Air Force order of battle

Dave Clark’s Second Tactical Air Force order of battle, Angels Eight Angels Eight was a website set up about 25 years ago by Dave Clark, a Canadian whose brother was killed in June 1944 flying Spitfires with 2TAF. Dave wrote a couple of books about his brother, one focusing on the events leading to his […]

Mission update – 3rd June 1944

Mission update – 3rd June 1944 v5.0.6 One of Project Overlord’s most popular missions for our multiplayer server is the cross-Channel sortie set on 3rd June 1944. Unlike all our other missions this one blends a few more fictional elements in, as the reality of 3rd June 1944 was that it was the calm before […]