Mission update: Radio navigation beacons

Introducing three new radio navigation aids for Mosquito crews Navigation in the Project Overlord server for Mosquito crews has always been pretty easy. You’ve got a second crew member to share the workload with, and even if you’re flying solo you’ve always got the radio beacon at Ste Croix to home onto if you get […]

What happened to Hawker Typhoon MN293?

The crash of a Hawker Typhoon in Normandy during the weeks after D-Day was nothing unusual. What was unusual, however, was the record of what happened after a 198 Squadron machine crash-landed in July 1944. Typhoon Mk.IB MN293 is, today, just another forgotten serial number of many tens of thousands painted on the sides of […]

Project Overlord visits the National Archives – again

Building the Project Overlord missions means collecting huge amounts of historical information to populate the virtual battlefields and picking realistic objectives. While there’s quite a lot of detailed information online and available for free, the type of information we need is often not available in the necessary detail. To build a convincingly accurate representation of […]

Tofu’s Normandy 2 Supermap

Below are the new and freshly updated supermaps of the Normandy 2 map for DCS World. Stitching screenshots together to create these hi-res maps was the painstaking work of |269| Tofu. Be sure to thank him if you see him online! The maps are oriented true north up. Magnetic variation on the Normandy 2 map […]