General situation

18 July 1944, MORNING
Front line showing on F10 map

Supply’s matter! Some airfields are equipped with large fuel storage tanks. Destroying these tanks will deplete the airfield’s fuel supplies. Some mission objectives will also have an impact on enemy supply lines.

General situation:

In the West, the battle of St. Lo is approaching it’s completion. After their capture of Hill 122, the 35th ID has progressed to the suburbs of St. Lo yesterday. Today, the 29th ID is expected to push into the city itself. In the West, Operation Goodwood is launched today with a massive aerial bombardment of the German lines south-east of Caen. Montgomery’s plan is to advance south from the eastern suburbs of Caen towards Falaise.


Good flying conditions. Light scattered cloud at 1200m. Winds are moderate, from the south-southeast.


Axis briefing (Red)

Channel 2 for all Axis aircraft/main guard (41MHz)
Channel 1 for flight comms (40 MHz)
Channel 3 – spare channel (41MHz)
Channel 4 – spare channel (42 MHz)

Use Communications menu and the F10 sub-menu for RADAR and Target Status

Bullseye is just south of Caen.
Some light Allied AA has been reported near Carpiquet now.
Limited MW50-equipped 109s are available at Evreux and Essay.
Front line FW190 A8 aircraft at Goulet start hot, but require refueling.

1. Disrupt Allied ground forces, use the F10 options menu to check status.
2. Intercept Allied Bomber raids.

Allied attacks will be announced via messages to all pilots. Follow instructions on receipt of any orders.


TARGET 1: Our defensive lines at St. Lo have crumbled, the enemy is expected to advance into the city at any moment. All efforts must be untertaken to slow their advance. Attack enemy infantry units located at the northern suburbs of St. Lo at N 49° 08′ W 1° 05′.

TARGET 2: An enemy HQ believed to belong to the canadian 4th ID has been reported at the town of Mouen, south-west of Caen (N 49° 09′ W 0° 27′). Destroy the equipment and nearby vehicles.

TARGET 3: An Allied supply convoy is inbound across the channel and appears to have steamed closer to Le Havre than usual. This presents a rare strike opportunity. Find the convoy W, or NW of Le Havre and sink as many ships as possible.

TARGET 4: Intelligence suggests that the enemy is using the industrial site at Bayeux to stock fuel and supplies. Bomb this site situated in the western part of Bayeux (49°17′ N 0°42′ W). Expect heavy flak. Area bombing is advised.

BOMBER INTERCEPT: Our front line troops near Caen have suffered heavily from this night’s bombardement. We have to prevent any further bombardment of these positions at all cost to avoid the line from breaking. Intercept all bomber raids before they drop their bombs.

PATROL OBJECTIVE: Today’s JaBo-Hunt will be directed at the St. Lo area. Patrol from Villers-Bocage to St. Lo to Vire following the patrol zones drawn on the map in the correct order (A-B-C). Lookout for enemy supply convoys on the roads leading to St. Lo from the north.


Active Friendly Airfields:

Allied briefing (Blue)

Use Button A (1) for all allies – Guard Channel (124Mhz)
Use Button B (2) free channel for flight comms (127 MHz)
Use button C (2) free channel for flight comms (131 Mhz)
Use button D (3) free channel for flight comms (100 MHz)

Mosquito home field radio preset Red-N (4.225MHz)

Mosquito RDF beacon:
Sainte-Croix-sur-Mer – 4.2MHz

Use Communications menu and the F10 sub-menu for RADAR and Target Status

Bullseye is just south of Caen.
Bombs and Rockets are available at the ALGs in France.
Mosquitos can be flown to St. Croix and St. Pierre-su-Mont to deliver aircraft for later forward spawns. For this, engines have to be shut down upon landing at these ALGs.


Level bombing missions will require escort throughout the day. Pilots will receive notification of any such requirements.

Use F10 options under the COMS MENU to determine target status.
Bombs and Rockets including HVAR are now available in France at the Advanced Landing Grounds.

TARGET 1: An enemy artillery position located near the town of St. Thomas-de St. Lo (N 49° 06′ W 1° 05′) has been preventing the advance of our troops into St. Lo. Destroy these gun positions as preparation for today’s push into the city.

TARGET 2: A concentration of enemy tank believed to belong to the 21th Pz-Div has been reported in the village Bouquebus south-east of Caen (N 49° 07′ W 0° 18′). Destroy this enemy strong point.

TARGET 3: Photo-reconnaissance showed enemy activity around a Chateau located south of Falaise at N 48° 49′ W 0° 11′. This may be an enemy HQ. Bomb the castle and the enemy vehicles parked nearby.

TARGET 4: An enemy marshalling yard has been reported near the town of Sees south-east of Argentan at N 48° 35′ W 0° 09′. Bomb this site to slow down enemy resupplies.

PATROL OBJECTIVE: Today’s armed recce will lead follow the route Caen – Lisieux – Bernay – Evreux. Fly to the patrol zones marked on the map in the correct order (A-B-C). Keep an eye out for trains and truck convoys.

SUPPLY CONVOY PROTECTION: One of our supply convoys has strayed a little close to Le Havre and is now in the process of adjusting course away from the enemy port. Find our ships and protect them as they steam southwestward. Their position should be W or NW of Le Havre.

Active Friendly Airfields in France:
Cricqueville en Bessin
Deux Jumeaux
Saint Pierre du Mont
Sainte Laurent sur Mer
Le Molay
Longes sur Mer
Sainte Croix sur Mer
Beny sur Mer
Brucheville (refueling only)
Lignerolles (refueling only)