General situation

18 June 1944. Mission runtime 4.5 hours.

Two weeks after the D-Day invasion of France the Allies have still not captured Caen. Carpiquet airfield is almost in the front lines. Extra Luftwaffe aircraft have started arriving at rear bases. Overnight, US forces have cut off the Cotentin Peninsula. Both sides are gearing up for a long slog of a fight.

Supplies matter! Some airfields are equipped with large fuel storage tanks. Destroying these tanks will deplete the airfield’s fuel supplies. Completing mission objectives will also have an impact on enemy supply lines.

Weather: The cold front has cleared to the east and south, a high pressure system is ridging in quickly suppressing the weather. A moderate N/NW wind will ease into the evening. Some fair weather Cu lifting throughout the afternoon.

For situation map and context see
Front line showing on F10 map.

Axis briefing (Red)


Following D-Day, Allied forces have broken out of the beachheads and are moving inland. Carentan has fallen to the Americans, whose VII Corps has cut off Cherbourg. The British and Canadians are slowly encircling Caen.

Intelligence suggests enemy aircraft are from roaming elements of the 2nd Tactical Air Force and 9th USAAF. 2TAF is confined to support and CAP operations around the Caen AO, while the 9th USAAF is operating CAP over the Cotentin peninsula for the assault on Cherbourg.

Constant pressure on our logistical hubs and military hubs is maintained by regular bombing raids from Southern England. These raids fly between 1000m and 7000m, using A-20s and B-17s. They are generally lightly escorted. Most enemy aircraft in the AO can be recognized with black and white stripes on the wings.


Caen is being defended by the 21st Panzer Division. British encirclement attempts are being prevented by the 346. Infanterie Division in the east and the 12. SS Panzer Division ‘Hitlerjugend’ in the west. St Lo area is expected to see heavy enemy JaBo raids on the defending 352. ID and 2nd SS PzDiv.

Cherbourg is surrounded and its fall is imminent, however the fighting is tying up the American VII Corps in a costly siege on the city and port.
Rare Ju-88 raids operating from the French interior are providing occasional disruption to enemy airfields and logistics.
Luftflotte 3’s intentions are for you to “Disrupt enemy CAP and bomber raids; destroy or disrupt enemy ground forces in support of Wehrmacht defensive operations in the AO”.


(Ensure you have SRS installed to enable communication and coordination with other pilots)

Channel II Airfield traffic (41MHz)
Channel III (triangle) Main combat comms and GCI (42 MHz)
Channels Square free.


Destroy and disrupt enemy ground forces (use F10 options in the comms menu to check status.)

Intercept and destroy enemy bomber formations (A-20s and B-17s)

Disrupt enemy CAP in the AO


TARGET 1. 9th Infantry Division is providing the western flank of the American assault on Cherbourg. Elements have been spotted near Flottemanville (49*36’N 1*45’W, grid WV99). Disrupt their advance by destroying their leading elements.

TARGET 2. 14 Regiment Royal Canadian Artillery (14 RCA) is conducting fire missions on the 21st Panzer Division from a position north of Bretteville L’Orgueilleuse (49°12’N 0°30’W, grid XV85). Destroy the guns and supporting vehicles.

TARGET 3. 51st (Highland) Infantry Division are believed to be near Banneville la Campagne (49°12’N, 0°13’W, grid YV05). This unit is the lead of the British left flank advancing on Caen. Destroy the forces located there. Expect light flak.

PATROL OBJECTIVE: Fly from Falaise to Sainteny via the waypoints on the F10 map. Fly above 2500m height.

Friendly airfields, providing munitions, fuel, and repair.


Allied briefing (Blue)


Luftflotte 3 has been operating from airfields in the southern and westerly areas of Normandy in attempts to contest the airspace over the AO. At Lessay airfield SG 3 are operating Fw-190As in the fighter bomber role. Me109s are operating from Lessay and the Argentan areas with long nose Fw190s thought to be operating from Evreux airfield.

German planning seems to focus on the defence of the Caen salient, with 21. Panzer Division taking the frontal assault from the British and Canadians, the 12. SS Panzer on the western flank and the 346. Infanterie-Division on the eastern flank by our 51st Division.

Further intelligence suggests they will strike 51st Highland division and the 14th Royal Canadian Artillery, with the former being immediately west of the river Orne, north of Caen.

In the American sector towards Cherbourg, the 17. SS-PZGren-Div is assessed to be withdrawing under pressure or preparing for a counterattack on the eastern flank of Carentan. Our warships north of Cherbourg are providing fire support for the assault. Expect the Germans to target them with fighter bombers.


North and west of Caen is the current main effort for the British and Canadians. 51st Highland Div is in the east, having crossed the River Orne to the north of Caen. The 14th Royal Canadian Artillery is currently setting up a firebase near Bretteville L’Orgueilleuse (49°12’N 0°30’W). This will soften up Caen and the 21st PzDiv in the coming assault expected within a week.

Carentan has been captured by the Americans who are looking to exploit the weakened centre south to St Lo. To achieve this the American VII Corps need to speedily capture Cherbourg. Capture of the port will allow more resources to flow into France and enable a breakout from the Normandy AO into central and northern France. The 9th USAAF is continuing to bomb strategic, logistic and military sites around Normandy.

Ordnance for ground attack has finally arrived in France in large numbers and is available at our advanced landing grounds, allowing tactical strikes.

Allied intentions are for you to support offensive operations in the Caen and Cherbourg AOs. Escort and protect 9th USAAF bombers, destroy tactical ground targets around the AO and destroy and disrupt Lufflotte 3 deployments over the AO. This is to be achieved as follows:


Ensure you have SRS installed for radio comms. Assigned buttons are:

A. Airfield traffic (124MHz)
B. Main combat comms and GCI (127 MHz)
C. Spare
D. Spare

Radio Direction Finding beacon. Saint Croix-sur-Mer 4.2MHz


The USAAF has 2 bomber raids scheduled today: one A-20 tactical support mission and a B-17 raid on a strategic site. Escort and protect both from enemy air attacks.

Strike tactical targets of opportunity, see the F10 comms menu for status.

Defend Allied ground forces from German air strikes.

Degrade Luftflotte 3’s combat ability.


TARGET 1. 243. Infanterie-Division has taken defensive positions on the southwest side of Cherbourg. Support the critical assault on the city by destroying any enemy ground targets in the open. (N 49°37 W 1°39, grid WV99)

TARGET 2. Supply elemnts of 17. SS-Panzer-Grenadier Division are located east of Sainteny. Locate and destroy them. (N 49°14 W 1°15, grid XV25)

TARGET 3. Int reports an ammunition dump near St. Laurents-de Counel. (49°2′ N, 0°25’W, grid XV83)

TARGET 4. A mechanised enemy transport convoy has been spotted moving towards Caen from the south-east, near Falaise.

PATROL OBJECTIVE: Fly from Caen south to Flers via the waypoints marked on the F10 map. Fly at or below 12,000ft.

CSS Combat Service Support

HE, bombs and M8 rockets are available at our advanced landing grounds (ALGs) in France now.

Active Advanced Landing Grounds in France are:

Cricqueville en Bessin
Deux Jumeaux
Sainte Croix-sur-Mer
Sainte Laurent-sur-Mer
Sainte Pierre du Mont

Fields in England assigned for this operation are:

RAF Ford
RAF Funtington
RAF Needs Oar Point
RAF Tangmere