Mission update – 3rd June 1944 v5.0.6

One of Project Overlord’s most popular missions for our multiplayer server is the cross-Channel sortie set on 3rd June 1944.

Unlike all our other missions this one blends a few more fictional elements in, as the reality of 3rd June 1944 was that it was the calm before the storm.

Bad weather in the typical late May/early June period had reduced Allied air activity, while the Luftwaffe was concentrating on defending the Reich, maintaining a presence towards the Channel area north of Dieppe, and fighting on the Italian front.

On this day in history, not much really happened in the grand scheme of things. Operation Overlord, the invasion of Occupied France, was in its final days of preparation; the invasion fleet was scheduled to leave in the night of 4th June and arrive on the 5th.

What’s new in our mission for 4YA Project Overlord’s thousands of players to enjoy, then?

Allied target overhaul: Cap de la Heve radar station

As they settled into occupation routine following the 1940 invasion of France, the German forces built fortifications along the coastline. These bunkers and other structures became known as the Atlantic Wall.

German commanders knew the Allies were mounting regular raids – some small scale, some much larger.

This triggered a wave of construction of gun emplacements and radar stations dotted along France’s northern Channel coast.

Preparations for D-Day included a months-long campaign by RAF fighter-bomber squadrons targeting these coastal radar stations. Among the very last ones to be bombed in early June 1944 were the radar stations overlooking the Baie de la Seine where the invasion fleet for Operation Overlord was delivering the Allied forces.

L: Gun camera photo taken during strike by Typhoon MN494 of 609 Sqn RAF, 3rd June 1944. R: A modern view of the same area from Google Earth

Our 3rd June 1944 mission, version 5.0.6, recreates this Allied strike target with historical accuracy never before seen in DCS. The radar is positioned on the cliffs immediately north of Le Havre, looking out across the Baie de la Seine.

Its picture also feeds into the mission’s EWRS radar simulation, meaning destroying it provides Allied players with a boost by knocking out part of the German side’s radar cover.

Although the DCS map does not include the right cliff contours to position the radar directly on its historical spot, the approximate line of the cliffs is good enough to place it within 100yds.

Of course, we’re not putting a picture of the actual in-game target layout on here. That would make it too easy! But we’ve placed the historically accurate Freya and Würzburg-Riese aerials in their correct locations, along with the clifftop bunker used by the radar crew which is clearly visible in the right-hand photo above.

Axis target overhaul: Portland Harbour

Portland Harbour is one of the targets for the Axis side in 3rd June.

We have reworked the shipping locations, ground vehicles and anti-aircraft guns to more accurately reflect the harbour’s real-world layout.

This has been made much easier by discovering a map of precise individual anti-aircraft gun locations and their type, which we have included at 1:1 scale – the first time in any Project Overlord mission that we’ve been able to do this.

Again, while we aren’t including a picture of the new layout so as to keep the in-game mission challenging, it’s well worth a visit!

Other changes and updates

Some minor bugs have been fixed in the mission layout:

Incorrectly set radio frequencies for P-47s and P-51s have been reset to the correct common frequencies for the Allied side.

German anti-aircraft guns in the Caen and Carpiquet areas have been repositioned so they’re no longer sitting on top of tents and buildings – this is a legacy map layout issue from when the original Normandy map was replaced with Normandy 2 by developer Ugra Media.

Liveries for SG.4’s Fw190s have been corrected as they previously wore German camouflage but without markings.


We hope all our players enjoy this new update. See you in the skies!

The Project Overlord Team