What happened to Hawker Typhoon MN293?

The crash of a Hawker Typhoon in Normandy during the weeks after D-Day was nothing unusual. What was unusual, however, was the record of what happened after a 198 Squadron machine crash-landed in July 1944. Typhoon Mk.IB MN293 is, today, just another forgotten serial number of many tens of thousands painted on the sides of […]

Statistics August 2023

4YA runs entirely on community donations. The current cost of running the three physical 4YA servers comes to £400 a month. If you wish to help us and the rest of the community to continue offering high quality servers and missions, then please consider donating using the link: https://www.gtxgaming.co.uk/clientarea/index.php?m=public_pay&hash_id=4m5ayN742oBM Any help is highly appreciated by […]

Project Overlord visits the National Archives – again

Building the Project Overlord missions means collecting huge amounts of historical information to populate the virtual battlefields and picking realistic objectives. While there’s quite a lot of detailed information online and available for free, the type of information we need is often not available in the necessary detail. To build a convincingly accurate representation of […]

Individual pilot statistics search

Use the search field below to search the Project Overlord statistics archive for individual pilot stats going back to July 2022. The search supports partial usernames (so, for example, you can view your entire squadron) and will return results for all dates held. Future plans include adding a date filter. Pilot lives are defined by […]